Hawes Promenade Bin Review 21/07/20

Following complaints on the inadequacy of Queensferry’s seafront litter bins in terms of capacity and gull protection, QDCC raised the issue with CEC again and have been in direct discussion with CEC Cleansing. Pleased to say the following action has been taken, which will be monitored for effectiveness and reviewed where necessary….

Having looked at the bin situation again we have increased the capacity by removing 6 x 120 litres units and replacing them with 7 x 240 litre housing units which have a smaller aperture making it difficult for the gulls to remove litter. We also looked to increasing the bin capacity further but were restricted by the available space for social distancing.

We have a further 2 x 120 litre housing units on the opposite side of the road outside the Harry Ramsdens at either end of the chip shop car park and a small 80 litre bin just further down the road at the end of a path total capacity for the Hawes 2,000 Litres.

We have changed the way we operate and service litter receptacles in Queensferry and have a vehicle based at Burgess Road, this allows us to service the receptacles first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

As always we will continue to monitor the area to ensure standards are being maintained. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Andy Hunter | Area Manager (West) | Waste and Cleansing | Place | The City of Edinburgh