Ferry Elves – Helping Families in Need

On the back of the work initiated by Caroline and Dianne recently supporting some families who may not be having the best Christmas, the QDCC Health & Well-being sub-committee realised that there will be quite a few families in our own area who will also be facing challenges this year and we would like to link with the community to support these families. Caroline is happy for us to continue with this.

We have contacted schools, churches, foodbank, health visitors and a young carers group to see what the Ferry Elves can do to help Santa this year.

Our plan is to hold a small stock of nearly new gifts but also possibly be able to purchase Christmas stockings and provide wrapping paper. (Home made stockings would be very acceptable).

We are presently confirming a suitable safe facility where a small stock of nearly new toys and new clothes can be quarantined and cleaned before being available.

Once we have an idea of how much help is needed and how to maintain confidentiality, we will be asking for specific things.

We know that many existing systems are in place and do not wish to detract from them but also worry that all of these systems will be stretched this year.

• What can you do to help?

Donate; wrapping paper, very good condition used toys, (but we do have limited space), new small items for stockings, new clothes, and make Christmas stockings or a donation to our just giving page :

Ferry Elves Fundraising page

If there is any money left over we will come back to this group to ask where it should go.

Anyone who could use this help or be willing to help support this effort, please use our dedicated email ferry.elves@gmail.com

Happy for you to refer families but please ask their consent first.

Thank you
Anne Mitchell
QDCC Health & Wellbeing convenor