Update on the legislation change to Fire and Smoke alarms :

The Scottish Government is presenting a proposal to parliament to postpone the legislation change until 2022. This has not yet been agreed.

• The details of the legislation can be found here: https://www.gov.scot/publications/fire-and-smoke-alarms-in-scottish-homes/

• The postponement proposal here:

Please note the following from the Scot Gov link above…

“Homeowners can install tamper proof long-life lithium battery alarms themselves. Mains-wired alarms are also available and are generally cheaper than the tamper proof long-life battery alarms but should be installed by a qualified electrician. Both types of alarm are widely available in general hardware outlets and online.

The Scottish Government has made more than £15 million of loan funding available for Social Landlords ensuring that social tenants are safe in their homes, and provided funding of £870,000 each year for two years to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to support their Home Safety Visits to ensure vulnerable and high risk people can get the necessary alarms installed at no cost to them so that they are safe in their homes. “