24/07/20 : Proposed High St restrictions for Social Distancing by CEC

Covid-19 Cycling and Walking Emergency Response Measures

Proposed part time closure and pedestrianisation – Queensferry High Street

We would suggest that you view the attached plan to see the detail of what is proposed. In summary it shows:

  • The High Street will be closed to through traffic daily from 1200hrs each day until 0600hrs the following morning.
  • The closure point in the central parking area with some small lengths of restricted parking either side to allow turning points for those vehicles requiring to be in the High Street for essential access during the closure times.
  • Sections of Hawes Brae car park will be restricted for limited-duration shoppers’/visitors’ parking, with a turning point to the east of the High Street.
  • Diversion signage will be in place in the surrounding area to direct general traffic away from High Street on a diversion via Station Road.
  • There is an area on Edinburgh Road that is to be designated for residents’ parking.

In addition, please note that if they are approved and introduced:

  • We will monitor the proposals to ensure compliance, and we will take further steps with partner agencies if issues are experienced.
  • Further measures (for instance the introduction of waiting restrictions or traffic calming) on the Station Road corridor will be considered if they are deemed necessary.

In the first instance these measures will be introduced quickly using temporary traffic management equipment, such as cones. Where deemed suitable, this equipment will then be replaced with more robust semi-permanent materials once available. 

Given the urgency to make the required changes any comments relating to these proposals should be received by 1700hrs on Thursday 30 July 2020 to spacesforpeople@edinburgh.gov.uk.

All feedback will be reviewed and where possible the scheme will be further refined. Feedback will be summarised in an assessment feedback form which will be presented to the Council Incident Management Team for approval. Please note that we will be unable to respond to each and every email.

If the proposal is approved for implementation, publicity will then be undertaken so that local people are aware of the changes. A dedicated inbox will help us to manage any feedback around proposals – spacesforpeople@edinburgh.gov.uk

The introduction of, or changes to, any restrictions will be implemented under emergency delegated decision-making powers using a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order.


The Spaces for People Team

City of Edinburgh Council