Hawthorn Gardens Taylor Wimpey Update June 2020

Update on Hawthorn Gardens Development from Taylor Wimpey.(Please note that from 13th July there will obviously be construction traffic using Scotstoun Ave to gain access through PMG)…

There are a couple of items to update you on in relation to our development at Hawthorn Gardens which I would very much appreciate if you could distribute through your communication channels please. From Monday the 29th of June, for approximately ten days, we will begin to complete certain foundations on site using an approach that can be quite noisy. We do understand that this may cause concern to residents and will monitor this carefully and look to complete as soon as we can. Should these timescales slip in any way then I will be back in touch.

Towards the end of August and into September, there will be works relating to Provost Milne Grove as we complete a gas mains connection and these works will be visible. Again we will be very mindful of disruption.

The final, and probably most significant update for you is that construction traffic will begin to use Provost Milne Grove from week commencing the 13th of July. Closing our current access from the B800.

I will send this update to your local MP’s and councillors also to ensure that any queries given to them can be responded to accurately. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Paton-Butler | Head of Customer Service | Taylor Wimpey East Scotland