QDCC position on Spaces for People High St proposal

For the record, QDCC is not supporting the Spaces for People High St proposal in its current form. Much feedback, discussion and a local survey conducted with 373 respondents, giving alternative options, showed public support for the proposal was only 7% but support for doing nothing was only 4%.

373 respondents with results as follows:

  • 65% in favour of a one way system
  • 22% in favour of pedestrianisation noon-6am
  • 7% in support of the SfP proposal
  • 4% in favour of no action
  • 2% other

The well considered view of QDCC is that the SfP proposal does not deliver the safe social distancing objectives as intended since the road remains two way (but no through road) and thus pavements cannot be widened but brings about more issues for the town, such as two turn points on the High St adjacent to pinch points, loss of some parking spaces and unnecessary increased pressure on Station Rd and Rosshill Terrace.

Our strong recommendation to CEC has been to take the opportunity to trial the intended long term one way system on the High St in this SfP project, as supported by the local feedback we have received.

We understand that there are many different views in the town and no single solution which satisfies all but have based our position on the overwhelming majority of public opinion with mitigation as best we can. It would make sense to start the one way system from east of Gote Lane to allow westward exit for residents and harbour users without having to navigate a long detour and add to traffic in the High St, Rosshill Terr and Station Rd.
Thank you to all who have participated with their views. We sincerely hope those views are incorporated in to the final decision by SfP / CEC.