Burnshot Bridge opening 29th July

From CEC…
I’m pleased to announce that Burnshot Bridge will open this coming Wednesday 29th July. The Contractor has already commenced demobilisation from site and will be completing the remaining construction works next week.

Given the ongoing restrictions with Covid-19, unfortunately I have taken the decision that there will not be any formal opening ceremony or gathering of people to mark the occasion. The cones will be removed around midday and the new structure will be immediately open to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. I do still plan to have a community event at a later date, once restrictions allow, to formally thank everyone for their input.

The demolition, design and construction projects at Burnshot have been a big part of my career over the last 3 years but the end result is a credit to well over 200 site operatives and staff who have literally worked night and day to make it happen. Notwithstanding Covid-19, the project has had many technical challenges but these have been overcome by some very skilled and dedicated people who I have had the pleasure of working with throughout.

For those who won’t be driving past in the near future, in the next couple of weeks I will compile a final Update Briefing with some photographs of the final structure, and I will keep in touch with arrangements for the opening ceremony.

All the best,


Stephen Knox MEng CEng MICE | Transport Manager – Structures & Flood Prevention | Place | Planning and Transport | The City of Edinburgh Council