Proposed 20mph Limit Extension – various



In accordance with the terms of the Local Authorities’ Traffic Orders (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 1999, I write to inform you that the City of Edinburgh Council proposes to advertise the Traffic Regulation Orders which will introduce a 20mph speed limit on the following roads (the speed limit applies to the whole road unless otherwise stated):

Area 7 –
Balgreen Road between Stevenson Road roundabout and Corstorphine Road,
Blackford Avenue, Bo’ness Road between Walker Drive and Echline Avenue, Cammo Road between Queensferry Road and the west boundary line of No. 52 Cammo Road, Cammo Walk between Cammo Road to a point 16m south of the extended south kerbline of the access road to Cammo Estate car park, Charterhall Road, Cluny Gardens, Corstorphine Road between Roseburn Terrace and Murrayfield Gardens, Craighall Road between Stanley Road and Ferry Road, Esslemont Road, Granton Road between Ferry Road and Granton Square, Greenbank Crescent, Marine Drive between West Granton Road and West Shore Road, Oxgangs Avenue, Roseburn Terrace between Murrayfield Gardens and Magdala Crescent, Salvesen Terrace, Stevenson Drive between Balgreen Road and Whitson Terrace, West Coates between Magdala Crescent and Roseburn Terrace & West Mains Road.

As a result of coronavirus and the need for physical distancing we are unable to display the documents relating to this proposal at Council Offices, nor are we able to display street notices on site at the affected locations. Therefore, the proposals relating to this Order can be viewed online at the Council website from 9 October 2020 to 30 October 2020. You can also register for email or text alerts via the Tell Me Scotland portal at which also provides details of this proposal.

Should you wish to submit an objection to the proposal, please do so by 9 October 2020 quoting notice reference number TRO/20/07.

Yours faithfully