Community Spaces – venue survey

From EVOC…

We are gathering information on currently available community spaces in Edinburgh.
Our goal is to produce a resource for local clubs, projects and services for all ages to facilitate links with available indoor community venues. For example, groups that have previously hired space in a local community centre that is currently closed, may consider temporarily resuming services in a nearby facility.

As COVID-19 restrictions remain in place and winter draws near it is expected that some venues may not have a clear timeline for reopening. We are hoping to compile a basic directory of those that are open, so that community groups and organisations may have access to other options.

For venues: please complete short survey here

We do not intend to collect specific details of booking rates or the full range of spaces your venue may have available – rather some general information about the venue and its availability. By gathering this information we hope to create an open resource to encourage links between community services and local community venues.

Kind regards,

Karen Williamson

Community Researcher