Wondrous Woods Hopetoun House Local Arrangements

The reason for writing is to advise the community council that Hopetoun House will be opening its gates to the Wondrous Woods lighting trail which will be running from 21st October to 15th November 2020 inclusive.

The grounds and woodland at the rear of the House are the location for this lighting trail, with parking at the House. The event will be open from 5.30pm to 10pm, from Thursday to Sunday each week apart (Oct 21st & Oct 27th additional days), with advanced ticketing only.

The public will arrive in cars only, they will be directed into the site from the A904 via the Banks Road on through the Plains Gate. They will then exit through the Hopetoun Estate Deer Park on to the Abercorn Road and the A904.
We would please ask that residents whom may need may to access the area follow the one-way system follow the signed direction of travel at the times the event is running. These access details will be communicated to ticket holders and by traffic management signage.

Society Road from Farquhar Terrace will not be an advertised route for access to Wondrous Woods. Arrivals are staggered throughout the evening and signage on the access and egress routes will be in place throughout the period.

Further information in relation to the actual attraction can be found at http://www.wondrouswoods.com as opposed to contacting Hopetoun directly.

As mentioned this is a lighted trail therefore there will be no noise which would affect Queensferry residents.

Kind regards
Donald Jackson
Events Manager
Hopetoun House