• QHS Business Breakfast

QHS is keen to pick back up the pre-pandemic momentum with community engagement.

There are many potentially mutually beneficial links that can be made between our young people and the community. From work experience, participation in local voluntary groups, support and mentoring, to local employment opportunities.

If you think you or your organisation could offer such a link, please join us on the 20th June for a breakfast at Queensferry High School. The more people we get engaged the better so please don’t hesitate if you are unsure, anything is welcome. There will be some guest speakers to talk about their organisations and experiences with young people.

We are also looking for a caterer but on a limited budget. In the spirit of the event, this really needs to be a local business. So anyone who would like to help out and support the event, please email Kevin Thomas at Kevin.Thomas@queensferry.edin.sch.uk

Register for your place here: tinyurl.com/QHSBusBreak2022

Thank you