Dalmeny Estate Felling Permission

Dalmeny Estate have applied to Scottish Forestry for permission to undertake thinnings in some of their woodlands as outlined in pink on the attached map. The purpose of the thinnings is to selectively remove poorer quality trees and leave those better quality trees to continue growing in the longer term.

Part of the application process includes advising local residents of the proposals to seek any views they might have on the works to be carried out.

As with previous forestry operations carried out on the estate, where there are council designated core paths, to ensure public safety there might need to be managed access such as temporary diversions.

Any views you wish us to put forward please email QDCC through our contact page.

Pdf of map here : https://www.queensferrycommunitycouncil.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/21-01-07-dalmeny-felling-permission-thinning-map-1.pdf