NHS Lothian Pharmacy Practices Committee – Lay Member Recruitment

NHS Lothian is currently looking to recruit new Lay Members to their Pharmacy Practices Committee (PPC) and I was wondering if you could help with distributing the attachments to anyone that you feel would be interested in this position.

The role of the PPC is ‘Control of entry’ i.e. regulating the distribution of community pharmacies across Lothian by working within national regulations to strike the right balance for the provision of pharmaceutical care in different localities. I have attached a summary of its background, membership, commitment, arrangements for expenses and the role of the lay members.

The lay members of the PPC bring with them local knowledge and a service user’s perspective. They apply these skills to the decision making process of the Committee and ensure that the ‘voice of the public’ is represented.

If you are interested to learn more about lay membership of the PPC, please contact Aleisha Hunter, Primary Care Contracts Manager by email aleisha.hunter@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk


Susan McLaren


Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Community Engagement