Queensferry Business Promotion

We need businesses to come forward and participate in this if we are to gain the ongoing funding, support and promotion.
Any local businesses who would be interested in compiling a prize and gaining the wide publicity for not just their business but the whole town, please contact us via the QDCC website…..

• Win the ultimate day out in: Queensferry

For your neighbourhood spotlight week, we are looking to run a competition to offer residents the chance of winning ‘The Ultimate day out in….’ your neighbourhood. We have allocated £100 from the campaign budget to either fund or subsidise the cost of your neighbourhood prize.

Ideally we’re looking for a prize package that is suitable for either two people (two friends or a couple) or a local family. Some ideas for consideration include: a meal for two (or 4 if going for family prize), tickets to 1 – 2 attractions, shopping voucher, cocktails, walking tours, event tickets, overnight hotel stays, afternoon tea, takeaway coffee to enjoy on a walk, ice-cream, a bottle of bubbles, spa treatments, or even a picnic hamper featuring edible goodies from several shops.

As our local neighbourhood representative, we are hoping that you can take the lead on rallying your fellow neighbours and coming up with what the Ultimate day in your neighbourhood is and pulling together a competition prize for local residents to win.

Competition promotion
Competition landing page will live on edinburgh.org and will name-check businesses that have provided a prize
‘Win’ messaging will be promoted on social media from the This is Edinburgh / Forever Edinburgh social channels and prize providers tagged.

Our monthly consumer newsletter
We will explore the opportunity to write a press release to promote all 11 prizes and sell in to local media
Wider reach can be achieved if you and your neighbourhood share ‘win’ messaging on your social channels too
Third party data will be shared with prize providers for wider retargeting

We recognise a number of the above experiences are not possible under current lockdown measures, however, we can update the terms and conditions to say that prizes can be redeemed within a 12-month period and when capacity allows. If your neighbourhood prize is experiential, we can position it as a post-lockdown celebration prize.

Each neighbourhood will be given the task of coming up with a competition prize. Are you up to the challenge? 😊

Best wishes

Rebecca and Fiona

Rebecca Burnett |Business Growth Talent Development and Lead| PLACE Directorate | The City of Edinburgh Council