Openreach Update

Further information from Openreach on the erection of poles for FTTP broadband…

We must notice the council of all new poles giving them 28 days’ notice under Regulations 5 before work commences on public maintainable land, any private land then we must gain permission from the land owner.

We give the CEC 28 days’ notice that we intend to place a pole in a location, then we notice the excavation works to start after the 28 day period.

If the CEC don’t query the work or object then we commence with the pole installation.

This infrastructure is an important key enabler to support Full fibre connectivity and is part of our massive commercial investment in rural Scotland, If we remove the pole then we remove the ability to get access to full fibre to the home for some areas.

Find attached a map showing existing/new pole areas in SQF and Dalmeny.