Gritting Pavements, Paths & Roads

We could debate endlessly over what CEC should deliver by way of gritting. The reality is the resource never has been there to grit every pavement, path and road in every area of the city.

The system in place for many, many years consists of a priority CEC gritting route with two levels, a network of local grit bins for residents to use for gritting their local area and Transport Scotland manage the trunk roads.

There are many elderly or infirm residents living in the town who are unable to clear ice and snow from the area outside and often confined to their homes due to the conditions.

There are also many residents who go out and do, not only their immediate area but also adjacent areas, particularly if they know their neighbours cannot manage. Thankfully we have some fantastic, selfless people living in the town.

We say this not for a debate about CEC policy but to set a realistic expectation. We are all local residents, same as you.

• If your local grit bin needs replenished then report it here :

• The CEC priority system is explained here :

• Clearing snow and ice :

Thank you to all who take control of the situation without being asked. Please work together and support your neighbours who need it, particularly looking out for clusters of elderly neighbours living adjacently.

Thank you