Local Business Promotion

✅Calling all High St Business owners

City of Edinburgh Council have been running the #ShopHereThisYear project to help boost local businesses throughout the various areas in Edinburgh.

Currently planned to start from April, spotlight weeks for each area will be promoted through This is Edinburgh’s media channels and others.

To draw attention to these promotions, prizes are being offered by each area.
Delighted to say that five local businesses have very kindly donated a fantastic experience prize for promotion of Queensferry. Please see below.

We would like to draw more focus on the High St and invite businesses to contact us asap if you are willing to contribute a prize. We have a £100 budget from CEC to subsidise prizes if required, the more donations or subsidies (e.g offer a £20 voucher for £10 from the budget) offered the further the budget will go and the more businesses will get promoted.

We would suggest splitting the vouchers over the two prizes. A lunch, ice cream, coffees, boat trip for family, etc

The prize as it stands is well above expectations, however there is an opportunity to promote the High St here. Please let us know if you wish to participate by emailing QDCC through our website. The final package needs to be in by Friday.

Thank you

Main Prize

• Dakota : A one night stay in an executive room with £60 dining credit in the Grill and cooked breakfast the following morning for two guests.
We can offer a year validity on the voucher from April which will hopefully allow enough time for this to be enjoyed by the winner.

• Edinburgh Boat Charters Ltd: a 2 hour private charter on the catamaran for 2 people which we could arrange to be in the morning after winners have had their breakfast or the morning/afternoon before if preferred.

• Blossom Flowers : a bouquet delivered at some suitable point during the two day visit.

• Words & Pictures : Professional Photographer for the day.

Additional prize :

Rooms at Ravenous Beastie : one night B&B for family of 4