Queensferry High St – One Way SfP

As previously advised the temporary Spaces for People measures have been implemented and the High St now runs one way west to east from Gote Lane to Hawes Promenade. Cycles remain two way.

Signage, a temporary turn for HGV’s and extended pavements have been implemented.

Whilst the various debates about and adjustments to SfP with CEC have been well aired over the last 9 months, it is here now and there are positives to draw from it. It comes in preparation for more of the local businesses expecting to reopen.

• extended pavements for safer walking and queuing
• a more pedestrian friendly High St atmosphere with less traffic
• the age long face offs and gridlocks with traffic at pinch points no more

There are follow ups expected in May as part of the preparations for the High St refurb with a proper turning circle, crossing & lights at the west end and speed reducing measures on Rosshill Terrace.

As is the case initially with most changes to an established road, there has been witnessing of some drivers traversing against the one way system in the first couple of days despite ample signage. The upcoming first weekend will likely see a continuation through autopilot and ignorance. The situation will be monitored by CEC and police and appropriate action taken accordingly.

• For visitors : the A90 can be easily accessed by following the road eastwards straight out from Hawes Promenade up Hawes Brae and straight on (B924) rather than following the local diversion signs through the town.

The results of a parking study are expected soon which will give alternative options to parking on the Hawes Promenade for traffic from the north and west.