Proposed City Plan 2030 representation period – have your say

  • Important Note: This is the only real point at which you can make any representation on land assigned for future developments. Once it gets to planning applications, realistically we can only influence the design, content and perhaps s75 contribution.
    The land for current developments in Queensferry was approved back in 2015 in the LDP, this is the new LDP.

Take the time to read and submit your views through the provided link please before 20 Dec 2021 when it closes….

• Making a representation

The proposed City Plan’s period for representations is your last chance to comment on the content of City Plan.

CEC are asking you to review the Proposed City Plan 2030 and make your representation with your support or objections and any changes you wish to see.

Representations will be analysed following close of the representations period. Any unresolved issues will be considered by an independent Reporter, appointed by Sottish Ministers, who will examine the Plan.

Please note that your representation is a legal response to the Proposed Plan. Petitions will NOT be accepted because each representation is a legal document and must be made by an individual who is putting forward their personal views on the Proposed Plan and have valid contact details, just the same as a response to a planning application must have.