New Enforcement Locations – Bus Lane Cameras

As you may know, the Council is introducing two new bus lane enforcement cameras around Edinburgh. One of these locations is on the A90 Slip Road, monitoring traffic travelling south-east, and will be located between near the traffic signals at Craigiehall adjacent to your Community Council boundary.

The camera will go live on 21 March 2022 and begin to issue warning notices from Monday 28 March 2022 for two weeks to motorists who incorrectly drive within the bus lane during operational hours. Bus Lane Charge Notices are expected to be issued from Tuesday 19 April 2022.

There are no changes to the layout or operational times of the bus lane as a result of this project. However, additional yellow warning signs will be placed on approach to the camera to inform motorists and further promotional activities are planned, such as on the Council’s website and social media channels.